An evening in the wine cellar

Join us on a journey that both challenges and explores. Experience the kitchen’s playground and let us guide you through a very special evening. With keywords like creativity and quality, we take charge and will ensure that the imagination have free flow both in terms of food and wine.

Visit Rønnede Kro for an evening in the wine cellar, where the wine is core.
We create a wine menu according to your wishes; whether you are into the big classic producers with rich fruit and warmth or prefer smaller and more creative wineries that make wine with edge, attitude and completely without sulfur – or perhaps a combination of these.
We honour that wine is an independent experience which in close interaction with the right food, creates unforgetable moments.

We look forward to creating your evening.
Please call us and hear more or order ‘An evening in the cellar’ at tel. +45 4422 3000 or by mail