We would like our winelist to match our many guests.
We would like to accommodate and please the many but also be able to embrace the few.

The sortiment of wine by glass shows a wide spectrum. We also have a large variety of non alcoholic beverages.
We respect our guests, who would like a bottle of the house wine and strive to find wines which offer value for money. We put effort into finding house wine, which offer great aroma and taste.

The winelist shows the French elegant wines but also offers the very riped fruit driven wines from California, which many of our guests are very fond of – and a lot of wines in between from all over the world.

We have great passion for food and believe that a wine pairing is a opportunity to lift the experience to a higher level.

We spend a lot of time tasting and matching the wines in our wine paring in respect for the chefs work with the menu.

The wine paring is a mix of classic traditional wines but we are not afraid to challenge the traditions and let our guests enjoy something they may not expect.

Camilla Plougsted
Manager & Sommelier