Rønnede Kro has since the beginning of the 18th century had a central location along the old highway that through the generations has connected the southern parts of Zealand with the capital.
The creation of the Inn was made possible by the monastery of Gisselfeld. The Inn was royally privileged which meant that the Inn should always open its doors for travelers, be able to accommodate these and to comply with the needs of their horses.

Through the years the purposes of the Inn has been numerous. To mention a few it has been working as a post office, a telegraph station and as the local merchant. For the maintenance of these tasks, the Inn housed 34 people in the year of 1870. This counting the tenant and his family, a post office general, a merchant, nine servants and two fiddlers.

Many a great personality has through the passing of time visited the little Inn at Rønnede. In the old visitor’s log, you will find the world renowned Walt Disney and Danish celebrities counting Dirch Passer, Bodil Kjær and Lily Broberg.
When reading the letters of H.C. Andersen, you will more than once see Rønnede Kro mentioned. This because the stagecoach in that time had its stop in the crossing in front of the Inn which connected the surrounding estates with the old highway.

In 2008 the ownership of the Inn went to the real estate company Stentoft A/S, owned by Danish shipping mogul Hans Michael Jebsen. To Mr. Jebsen it is a matter of great importance that the Danish country side’s old historic Inns and taverns are kept in its former visual glory.
To ensure that the history of this iconic place is kept Mr. Jebsen took the tavern through a major renovation which finished in the year of 2013.

Since 2015 Rønnede Kro has been in the capable hands of Silje Brenna and Jonas Mikkelsen.
This is also the tenants of Hotel Frederiksminde in nearby Præstø and Hotel Baltic in the southern part of Jutland.

We are grateful to Vagn Mørkeberg Christiansen for material information.