The History of Rønnede Kro

Rønnede Kro: A Culinary Oasis in Beautiful Surroundings, Ownership, and Historical Connection to H.C. Andersen

Deeply rooted in the picturesque village of Rønnede, a true gem of gastronomy and hospitality awaits – Rønnede Kro. With its charming location in South Zealand, this historic inn offers an unforgettable experience for the senses.

Rønnede Kro, which can trace its history back to 1824, has preserved its authentic atmosphere and charm while undergoing modern renovations to meet contemporary needs. The well-preserved half-timbered building and the beautiful garden surrounding the inn provide an inviting and idyllic setting for an unforgettable visit.

The owner of Rønnede Kro, Silje Brenna, with her passion for culinary experiences and respect for the inn’s history and heritage, has created a place that celebrates local culture and traditions. Under her expert leadership, the inn has become a culinary hub where guests are treated to exquisite dishes made from the season’s finest ingredients.

It is said that the famous Danish author H.C. Andersen often found inspiration and rest at Rønnede Kro during his travels in South Zealand. Here, he could let his thoughts wander freely while enjoying the inn’s hospitality and wonderful food. The historical connection between H.C. Andersen and the inn adds an extra dimension of cultural significance to the place.

Food lovers will find a true culinary oasis at Rønnede Kro. The kitchen is known for offering a blend of classic Danish dishes and innovative gastronomy that would have been loved by H.C. Andersen himself. The menu is carefully crafted with a focus on the season’s fresh produce and local specialties. Every bite is a taste sensation that tantalizes the taste buds and evokes the joy of savoring food in good company.

The hospitality at Rønnede Kro is unparalleled. The accommodating and friendly service ensures that guests feel at home and well taken care of throughout their visit. Whether you come for a romantic dinner for two, a family outing, or a festive event, the staff at Rønnede Kro will do their best to ensure that your experience is absolutely fantastic.

Rønnede Kro is located near several exciting attractions and scenic areas. Take a bike ride through the nearby forests and fields or visit one of the many historical castles and manor houses in the area, which H.C. Andersen himself may have explored. Whether you are into active outdoor adventures or cultural exploration, there is something for every taste near the inn.

A visit to Rønnede Kro is not just a dinner or an overnight stay – it is a holistic experience that brings you closer to both local history and cultural heritage. From the moment you step through the door, you are greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and well-being that would have delighted both H.C. Andersen and the owner, Silje Brenna. Rønnede Kro is a place where tradition and modernity meet, and where food, hospitality, and surroundings come together in perfect harmony. A journey to Rønnede Kro is a journey to a paradise of the senses and a lifelong memory.