Sustainability at Rønnede Kro

In today’s society, incorporating sustainability into our business practices is not merely a consideration but a necessity. We believe it is our shared responsibility to contribute to a sustainable present and future. We strive to be part of the green pioneers in our local area, inspiring partners, employees, communities, and visitors to make sustainability an integral part of everyday life.

We maintain a strong focus on local collaboration. Situated in a rural area, it is a natural connection for us to collaborate with local food producers and suppliers. We work together on seasonal food items, knowledge sharing, and guest experiences.

Food waste is something we take seriously, and we have managed to minimize it through careful planning and full utilization of our resources. We have also created a wildflower meadow to support and maintain biodiversity.

Our employees are an indispensable part of our sustainability efforts. We encourage them to live close to the workplace to minimize transport needs, which reduces our overall carbon emissions.

Regarding our menu, we emphasize local ingredients and seasonal dishes. Our focus is on supporting the local economy and minimizing transport distances. This helps to maintain a sustainable approach to our food supply.

All the products we use, from our textiles to our cleaning products, are carefully chosen for their sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

We support diversity in our staff and work to create an inclusive, supportive work environment. We are committed to working alongside the wider community and political leaders to promote sustainable policies and practices.

We believe that knowledge is the key to creating sustainable change. Therefore, we are committed to sharing our sustainable practices and ideas broadly. We see ourselves as part of a larger movement, working together to create a sustainable present and future.