Banquet brunch

Minimum 20 people
All prices are quoted per person
If you are going to have a nice morning or lunch banquet, we suggest the brunch of the inn.
It is served as a “family style” as a party set at the table, for companies of more than 20 people and applies from kl. 10-12.

The brunch is based on:
Yoghurt from Knuthenlund with muesli
The inn’s salted salmon with juniper berries, dill and herb salad
Handmade prawns, lemon mayonnaise and cress
Ham and sausage from Grambogaard
Green salad with herb oil and herbs
Nutella stirred with roasted hazelnuts
Marmalades of the season
Danish cheeses
Brunch sausages from Grambogaard
Omelet of organic eggs with chives
Warm liver paté and bacon from Grambogaard
Sourdough bread on egg whale, rye bread and whipped butter
Warm pancakes
305 dkr. incl. coffee, tea and juice