Served for a minimum of 20 persons

Kingcrabsalad with lemon mayonnaise and herbs
55 Dkr.

Chicken, mini romaine salad, Danish cheese and acidified cream
40 Dkr.

Classic stirred tatar with tarragon and potato crisps
55 Dkr.

Freeranged pork with cabbage and browned butter
50 Dkr.

Rooster with carrots and sauce blanquette
55 Dkr.

Dryaged beef with onions and a sauce made on sherry
70 Dkr.

Gateau Marcel and wild berries
55 Dkr.

Carrotcake with white chocolate cream
45 Dkr.

2 Danish cheeses with grain crackers and compot
45 Dkr.

Lukewarm pate with mushrooms, bacon, jerkey, onions and pickles 85 kr.
Hotdogs 100 Dkr.
Pork roast sandwich 120 Dkr.
Danish cheeses and cold cuts 120 Dkr.

2 courses 150 Dkr.
3 courses 205 Dkr.

Royal beer 40 Dkr.
Soda 35 Dkr.
Danish micro brew 45 Dkr.
Wine from 300 Dkr.
Springwater 35 Dkr.
Coffee / tea and sweets 65 Dkr.
Sweets 35 Dkr.
Avec 55 Dkr.
Sparkling wine upgraded to champagne 35 Dkr.
Snacks 35 Dkr.
Extra course including wine pairing 145 Dkr.
Main courses 2nd’s 55 Dkr.
Menucard 15 Dkr.
Invitation 20 Dkr.
Food for musician / photographer 175 Dkr.

Open bar for two hours including the house’s selection of wine, beer and soda
115 Dkr. per person per hour

Open bar for two hours including the house’s selection of wine, beer, soda and classic spirits
155 Dkr. per person per hour

Seasonal flowers 35 Dkr. per person

300 Dkr. per 1/1 bottle

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