Banquet menu

Served for a minimum of 20 people
All prices are quoted per person

We have put together a number of suggestions for a banquet menu that fits the season, ensuring freshness and quality – and thus the best of tastes.
In addition to the following various options are also available. For us it is important that you get exactly the party that you have dreamed about. Therefore it is of course possible to put together a menu according to your wishes.

It is also possible to take into account vegetarians as well as gluten allergy, as long as you let us know in a reasonable amount of time before the actual day. 

Three course banquet menu 395 dkr. 

Salted scallop with cream on porridge and cauliflower
US beef with onion, cabbage and garlic salad
Rhubarb sorbet, white chocolate and mazarin

Crab salad with herbs, pickled tomatoes and crouton
Calf culotte, spring green and airy bearnaise
Icecream with strawberries, chops and white chocolate

Salmon dishes with herbs, capers and potato chips
Ballotine of young people with mushrooms, celery and blanquette
Berries, creme fraiche and sorbet

Gravad cod with herb mayonnaise, crudité and hazelnuts
Friland pig with winter cabbage and browned butter
Chocolate, toffee and milky milk

Per bottle

House sparkling wine
350 dkr.

House white or red wine
300 dkr.

House dessert wine
350 dkr.